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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Khawaja Junaid hair transplant

Khawaja Junaid is known as the brilliant player of national hockey team Pakistan. He is well known to give tough time to his opponents on the field. But hair fall gave him the toughest time of his life. Before he could know he was already started to go bald right in the middle of his scalp. This in turn made him take the decision of going to ILHT where he explained his condition to the problem. The ILHT team after understanding the situation executed the most suitable transplant on his scalp and subsequent results were phenomenal. Now he has an ample amount of hair volume on his scalp which not only made him a happy man again but also gave him the youthful looks that he once had.

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  1. "Technique of Hair Transplant surgery involves procedure of extracting live hair grafts (hair follicles, skin and tissue) from where hair are in access (called donor sites) on the patient's head or from body source then planting them to the balding region(called recipient site)"!!!

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