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Friday, 19 December 2014

If donor area is partially shaved in FUE, how much maximum hair can be taken

FUE is about extracting donor hair in the form of follicular units. The use of small needle punches helps in puncturing the skin and isolation of follicular units from surrounding tissues. On the day of the FUE surgery, the entire donor area including the back of the head is trimmed to 1-2 mm length. It is recommended hair length before undergoing the FUE as it makes extraction easy.

Follicular units which are extracted from donor area are the groups of three to four hair. The extraction of hair grafts from the donor area is akin to gardening. With lots of precision, multiple hair grafts can be extracted in increased proportion with the expertise of specialists by using different sizes of punches.

If the donor area is partially shaved rather than trimming, the amount of extracting follicular units will remain the same as hair are usually in the form of naturally occurring groups of three to four hair. Follicular units are extracted until the surgeon gets maximum hair grafts to be implanted in the recipient zone. The procedure of extracting donor hair continues until the surgeon extracts maximum follicular units required.

Sharp needle punch is inserted into the skin and twisted to loosen the follicular units while blunt tipped punch separates the follicular units by preventing any damage to surrounding tissues. However, there can’t be observe the difference between donor area and recipient area as after the surgery all the hair go in the resting stage and shed. After few months the new hair begin to grow.     


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