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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Is any crucial damaging of scalp possible while having hair transplantation?

Yes, some time the person’s scalp responds negative reaction after hair transplantation. Some immediate after effects will cause troubles and the patient can expect bruising, swelling, pain, possible numbness, a tight feeling in the scalp, throbbing and discomfort and formation of small scabs across the treated areas of scalp after the operation. 
It is very mild negative reactions and they can vanish after some time. But hair transplantation is a very tricky and hard procedure so it should be done by any expert’s hands. If your hair transplantation is not done properly, it will damage your scalp and hair follicles. And it will cause a long term complication for you.

Many serious and severe complications will occur after surgery because all the medical surgery carries some degree of risk factor so, some of the expected complication of hair transplantation surgery includes surgical risks such as excessive scalp bleeding or scalp infection, dangers of general anesthesia, including allergic reaction on scalp, which may (rarely) be critical, death of the skin grafts, nerve damage, including permanent loss of sensation, tissue death along the wound, scars that may be severe, raised, reddened and itchy and further surgery to treat complications.

But all the above mentioned damages list is not complete. For example, your medical history or daily life routine may put you at increased possibility of certain problems. All you have to need is before going to hair transplantation surgery discuss to your surgeon for more information.

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