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Friday, 19 December 2014

FUE Hair Transplant FAQ

The most modern and best technique for hair transplantation introduced in this era is Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant which is becoming quite common both in men and women suffering from pattern baldness. Before proceeding, you should know that how FUE started in Pakistan.
In the past times, people used to go abroad such as America or UK to get services of hair transplant, but because of the efforts of ILHT and Dr. Sajjad Khan, now people of Pakistan can get reliable hair transplantation in their own homeland. Since 2000, ILHT is serving in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad to the people facing bald problem. Expert and professional surgeons are performing their duties in all the centers of ILHT. In short, ILHT is one of reliable and experienced hair transplant center of Pakistan that is expert in performing different types of hair transplant surgeries. However, people facing bald problem should ask the following questions before going for hair transplant.

The first thing everyone should ask is why should I go for FUE? Why you should opt for FUE hair transplant surgery?

Basically, FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant that is a very effective hair transplantation process in which a small punch is used to extract the patient’s follicular units from bald resistant area in the form of strips then these strips containing follicular units are then injected in the balding area.

The second question, one should ask is if the scars would be visible after hair transplantation?

Apart from a few dots remaining, this scaring is temporary and after a week or two it heals. The next frequently asked question is whether FUE is risky. The only risk is that the donor area might experience thinning of hair.

The third question you should ask about the Strip Excision.

This is a part cut out of the body where there is a lot of hair, and inserted in that area where there is baldness. Men suffering from pattern baldness are also asked if this would hurt. If the doctor is extremely careful so this is not as painful and it heals really soon.
The next question one should ask is whether the surgery would result in a full head of hair.
The hair would be closer to full head of hair.

The next concern you should ask is that if a person has diffuse hair so can he get his hair back with FUE?

He can get the hair back but they can still fall off.

You next question should be whether the hair will possess the characteristics of that of the donor area.

Well, the characteristics would be the same as that of the donor area.

The next asked question should be for how long this transplanted hair last?

Well, hair transplanted in the bald areas work properly with the body hormones but might be lost with growing age. However, normally people get hair transplantation around thirties and forties.

The eight asked question should be is it time consuming?

This takes more time than any other hair transplantation as hair grow out of the follicle. This helps in generating new hair and the follicle containing these hair are quite healthy.

Your ninth question should be is what are the surgical techniques?

Basically, this procedure involves incisions with a breadknife in nerve and blood vessel parts. There can be a risk of loss of sensation, so doctors should be professional and must have surgical experience before.

Don’t forget to ask about the cost?

Since it is very labour intensive, it requires a lot of expense as each hair must be pulled out very carefully.

Another question one should ask is how much time will it take for a person to resume normal life?

Well, it just takes two weeks to heal so after that normal activities can be carried out.

FUE is growing popular day by day and so men with pattern baldness should opt for it rather than any other surgery in order to get their hair back. It has not only modernized hair restoration but has also helped in providing people with a natural look. 

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