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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Is it good and safe for a patient to fly after hair transplantation surgery?

Many people are still confused on this matter and there are so many mixed reviews came by many researcher or doctors when it comes to flying after hair transplant surgery.

Several hair transplant specialists suggest flying the day after surgery because they consider it safe and they suggests that patients should visit the hair transplant clinic the day after the surgical method for a post-operative wash and checkup, and then fly where ever he/she wants. These hair transplantation doctors think that the forehead and facial swelling problems are sometimes associated with hair transplantation and they confirm arises the second or third day after the surgical procedure. 

And if a patient wants to fly so it’s better he/she should fly before this inflammation phase begins because it is usually easier for the patients.

However, the other doctors are not on this theory and they think that the patients should rest at home for a few days and in this time the wounds on scalp will heal and recover completely. This resting phase helps ensure patients don’t accidentally disturb the newly implanted follicular units and affect the overall surgical method yield.

On the other hand, many hair loss surgeons do not believe on the changes, which is caused by pressure and elevation related with flying. The flying will never cause any excessive bleeding or damage to the newly hair grafts of the patient. This means if a patient actually wants to fly the day after hair transplant surgical operation. He can fly but, it’s better to discuss this matter to his doctor.

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