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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Hair Care Benefits of Using Castor Oil

Most frequently asked question is how castor oil benefits the hair? Has it helped with hair growth? Has it helped with hair loss? Yes, it definitely helps in growing back the edges of the scalp and helps them cover up the area from where the hair cover is thin. 

It has an added quality of giving a gentle shine to the rough damaged hair thus rejuvenating the lost shine and luster. It makes the hair feel softer, softer than they are before. 

Castor oil helps as a great way of moisturizing the hair. The method of application is quite simple as in first the hair should be sprayed with some water than a minute amount of castor oil should be massaged into the hair. It dramatically not only reserves the moisture but also keeps the moisture at a very manageable amount so as to keep hair from either drying out or messing up. 

Castor oil has an overall thickening effect on the hair. The hair cover as a whole gets volume and it get thick. Castor oil helps reduce the hair shedding at a significant level. The effect may not be visible in the first few days or weeks but with a continuous daily use of a little amount of castor oil a notable affect in hair shedding rate can be observed. 

You can either put it on hair along with some water at night just before sleeping. It can also be added to the hair care products as in the case of hair care oils to enhance the effect or on the other hand it can be massaged directly on to the scalp. The right way to do that is to put a few drops of castor oil on the hair line and then massage it into the hair beside hair line using the tips of fingers. The massage should be gentle and up to 30 seconds is sufficient. 

Hope fully all the above hair care tips and hair loss treatment helps alot all the readers. Happy Reading. :) :)

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