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Friday, 27 March 2015

What does the patient feel after hair transplant surgery and how does he look like?

After hair transplant surgery procedure, the majority of the patients report only mild to moderate pain and discomfort, which may be related with some tightness, numbness, burning, irritation, inflammation in the donor area. These postoperative post-operation symptoms settle down within a day or two. The doctor will be checking the patient’s scalp area at every step of hair transplant. After surgery, the patient will have tiny and small red spots where the hair was transplanted and these red spots look like a brush burn where the hair was transplanted. If the patient hair has a small length, the back donor site will be completely cover-up.

The surgeons mostly do not cover the scalp with any dressing bandage after hair transplant surgery and the patient will be discharged with a special secure net cap to wear overnight and this cap will remind the patient not to touch the newly implanted area. However, after the head wrap dressing or cap is removed, the patient will observe a little redness and a few “scabs” at many of the newly hair graft sites which normally decrease by the end of the first week. Keep this thing in mind that don’t touch or disturb the newly planted grafts in any case. You may also observe some tiny clips in the donor area. The surgeon will remove these clips after seven days of hair transplant surgery. It is very rare for patients to complain of major pain with clip removal.

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