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Thursday, 16 April 2015

The harsh and severe risks of facial hair restoration surgery

For every man, hair is very important and especially a facial hair transplant can give him a new sense of self-respect and self-belief. In any kind of surgical method, there are always some possible risks involved in the surgery. Before having any hair transplant method, you should know the after possible hazards. It is during the healing method that creates the most hazards for things to go wrong with a facial hair transplant procedure because there are small cuts in the skin so, any harmful infection will occur. Normally these infections are simply treated with good antibiotics.

Though it is a very uncommon situation because the doctor take care all of the safety measures but, there is also a possibility of deep scarring from a facial hair transplant surgery. One part is most sensitive and vulnerable to scarring is the central part right below the lower lip of the face. This is why some transplant surgeons are not transplanting hair in this small and susceptible area to avoid the possibility of scarring.

Numbness or lack of sensation in the recipient area is ordinary but, it should be always temporary. Normally the loss of sensation will vanish itself within two to three months after the facial hair transplant surgery. There is also a chance that newly transplanted hairs will not endure and the process will require a second session in order to get the preferred outcome. If you want to keep away from all negative side effects, then you should follow your doctor's post-op orders because the instruction will reduce most of the possible risks and turn your facial hair transplant surgery into a success.


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